Dear Advertiser,

Hope you’re doing well today,

We at Mazuma Always try to give our best to you, one year back when we started sharing the Mazuma Business with advertisers, the most things was not up to the mark, our dedicated technical team worked brilliantly on every aspect of the Applications.

We launched Cubes sometime before, some bugs and technical issue are there, but we promise you to resolve that asap as we are working hard on that.

Dear member, now we’re already in the 2nd year of our business and need to have everything to be in control, So, from the last sometime, we are taking some hard decisions, so that we can make this Mazuma journey unbeatable.

From last sometime you’re facing some issues with the withdrawal, also some delays was there, now we want to make it smooth and we were working on this from long time.

We want to inform you that from 15 November 2016, there will be no delay in the withdrawals that will be like as it was before. For this we’ve changed many things in the payment system, which we are going to describe below. First of all you need to understand all the content and changes and you will realize that the decision taken for this is for your/company successful future, from where you can decide that how long you want to move with Mazuma.

You can withdraw your eCash as per your designation and described below:

Condition I

# Your Package Task Bonus eCash Request
1 Starter 25 per week
2 Standard 25 per week
3 Plus 25 per week
4 Premium 25 per week
5 Ultimate 45 per week
6 Super Plus 85 per week
7 Professional 210 per week
8 Enterprise 400 per week

Condition II

# Your Level Earned eCash Request
1 Coordinator 100 per week
2 Executive 150 per week
3 Sr. Executive 250 per week
4 Manager 500 per week
5 Sr. Manager 1000 per week
6 Director 2000 per week
7 President 3000 per week
8 Ambassador 5000 per week

As per your designation, you will be able to send request from your account as per both conditions, eg. if you're on starter pack but your deisgnation is Ambassador then you can request 25 + 5000 eCash per week.

Also please note one thing from 15th November 2016, 25% of your total Task Bonus will be credited as Shopping wallet and 75% will be credited in your eCash.

You can use the Shopping wallet on our different portals, which will be get live before 15th November 2016.

On 1st November 2016, no withdrawal request will be processed as on the last withdrawal date i.e. 15th October, we've opened it for 2 weeks task bonus, but from next time you can withdraw your eCash as per the above conditions, for further details you can contact to your trainer.

Many new things are going to be added in Cubes, as well as in Mazuma Applciation. We're taking every decision to make this journet long life. We hope you'll support us in every manner.

Thank you for being with us and for your support

MAZUMA Hong Kong